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Origins of

“Perumayee, a young grandmother in her early 60’s at one of the villages of Southern India, always had a dream to serve the people. The best way she thought of achieving that greater purpose was by serving pure food. The old lady dressed in a red yellow saree used to meet the farmers from distant villages, assured them to buy their best quality farm originals at generous prices. She ground those handpicked seeds with her hands using a traditional wooden cold press, an art she learnt from her father. With a careful observation she filtered the oil under the perfect sun. She fondly used to say, when you close your eyes and taste the real oil, the aroma and the taste shall remind you of the land, the raindrops and the climate where the seeds were harvested. With that art being passed on to the family, Chekko was created to serve pure oil to humanity.”

Our Process

Farm To Home

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Cold Pressed Oil Seasoning
The statement we follow by our heart

Our Mission

We serve food products to humanity in its purest form and create sustainable value to honest & responsible stakeholders

Our Values

Values That Define Us

About Us

Welcome Chekko Oils

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Years after grandmaa Perumayee set up the oil mill, an incident happened, it was related to taste. On a long summer day, it was the taste of the water in a plastic bottle that called for something radical to be done for the people. Ecofriendly BPA free tin packed, a virgin cold pressed oil. The aroma out of each press reminded of the earthiness of old traditions, the drops tasted of the natural country variety of seeds. There was no room for any artificial flavor or chemical processing. Chekko was born to serve pure oil to humanity.


Our Timeline

Chekku services

A beginning to the service industry of chekku edible oil and spices under Perumayee’s Execution

Idea inception

A sustainable business that benefits the farmers & society at large

Chekko, our love for Earth

Chekko, our love for Earth pioneer of small BPA free tin cans for Virgin Oil

Tradition with a Modern Outlook

Creating the most traditional oil with all Modern hygiene practices

Go Global

Chekko delivered to our 1st international distributor

Go Global contd

Our journey now touched the other continents

Global Standards

A GMP certified ISO 22000 Audited factory

Essential goods

Amidst covid-19, our operations ran to serve our consumers via all major brick & mortar and e-commerce retailers


Global Presence & Credentials

Chekko Cold Pressed Virgin Oil worldwide