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Frequently Asked Questions

Virgin Cold Pressed Oils are extracted in a controlled Temperature from first pressing which gives the pure natural taste and aroma.

No, it doesn’t undergo any chemical or heat processing

No cold pressed oils are chemical free and heat free slow mechanical process whereas refined oils involve chemical process and heat treatment.

Chekko Cold Pressed oil retains all the natural nutrients from the oil seeds after the low temperature pressing and no chemical refining is done but in refined oils we lose all the nutritional values and taste, hence need artificial fortification.

It is barrier protecting from direct light and heat, hence retaining original taste. It’s an eco-friendly packaging that is 100% recyclable.

Chekko virgin coconut oil is prepared from copra and it contains the high fiber and protein. It is done through the dry virgin cold pressing method.

When cold pressed sesame oil is heated it has the natural tendency to froth and it is good sign i.e. the oil is extracted using natural method

We ensures genetic and physical purity and uniform growth and maturity while procuring directly from Farmers.

No we do not use the genetically modified seeds for extracting oils. All our oilseeds are Non-GMO.

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Yes, it is completely safe to use the Chekko virgin cold pressed oils for children’s and it provides good nutrition for health.

We can use Chekko Virgin Coconut oil for baby massage because it feels good smelling and softening the skin of babies.

Hygiene is something we take very seriously. Our manufacturing unit has been audited and awarded ISO 22000 with Good Manufacturing Practices. Each batch of product goes through a rigorous Quality Check as we care for each and every product bought by our customer.

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