Which Oil Is Good For Cooking? Choose To Discover The Right Oil For Long Term Health

Which Oil Is Good For Cooking? Choose To Discover The Right Oil For Long Term Health

Heena Pathan

With so many cooking oils available on the market, is it hard to know which ones are best? If you are looking for a simple way to start clean eating, revamp your repetitive, mindless diet with a straightforward but miraculous secret ingredient containing a healthy pack of natural vitamins and minerals. such as calcium, magnesium, iron, copper, zinc, potassium, essentials, and good healthy fat. It also comes with a fair condition that should be a natural extract, unprocessed, free from genetic modifications, and environmentally sustainable. If these are a few points in your mind, you must start replacing your refined cooking oils with wooden cold pressed virgin oils in your cooking. Why wooden cold pressed oil is the perfect alternative to refined cooking oils? Is it worth the hype? Will they make a long term difference in your well-being?
The oil extraction process proves to affect the taste of the oil, not just the taste and flavour, and we will see that wooden cold pressed oil have high naturally nutritive contents than the oils extracted from conventional heat extraction methods. Cold pressed oil are also naturally cholesterol free and have zero trans fatty acid, this will be the only tasty refuge to people who have high cholesterol issues and those who are trying to lose their weight. Have you ever wondered why wooden cold pressed oils are the more pronounced by many health experts as a healthy alternative?
Wooden cold pressed oil naturally prepared with traditional low speed and less heat mechanism do not contain harmful solvent residues and the extraction method allows the oil to retain natural antioxidants, this you cannot expect in a heavily processed refined oil, whereas in refined oils due to the heat involvement, speed and use of chemical ingredients, the extracts flavour degrades, and all nutritional quality will be gone and you will be the one who will be suffering in the future. The high heat destroys many nutrients naturally found in the nuts and seeds. These refined oil manufacturing process uses a hexane solvent, and the oil is subject to heat to distil the hexane before bleaching and deodorizing.

A Traditional Wooden Press called a Chekku or Ghani, is being used to extract Wooden Cold Pressed Oils

Chemically processed oils are not healthy for consumption, yet they persist because of the efficiency of mass production. chemically refined oils are able to mask lower quality ingredients thus significantly reducing costs compared to production of unrefined wooden cold pressed oil.
The refinement process of less priced oils empties most of the beneficial nutrients and antioxidants resulting in an inferior, health less product. Hence It’s wise to be aware of what you consume, from where and how your food reaches your plate, spending for the right oil is also not an expensive burden it’s an investment for your long term health.
You might be desiring health outcomes but unsure of how to achieve them, to start walking a healthy way of life you must realize few truths. have you realized that familiarity is a core purchase driver of your consuming behaviour, be aware of this mind controlling tactics used by many brands, while taste and price still reign supreme as influential factors, do not get carried away by familiarity of a product that outweighs healthfulness. And for the modern generation, the motivators to adopt specific positive lifestyles and eating patterns are sadly not based on long term health goals but rather short term goals like weight loss or after getting diagnosed with a health condition. Consciously spend time to learn the basics of eating right and choosing the right products that will bless you with a good long and healthy life.
Even if you have tried to establish a healthy living habit, by replacing your refined oil with wooden cold pressed virgin oils more than two thirds of common brands of cold pressed oil found in the grocery store shelves are not what they are claiming to be at least, they are not authentic wooden pressed and extracted in the traditional methods. These days cooking oils are the most adulterated product, what makes wooden cold pressed oil so valuable, is its many proclaimed benefits. You must find whether your cold pressed oil brand is lying about its virginity.
If you buy a cold pressed oil in a super market, the odds aren’t stacked in your favour, this doubly true if you shop by price, it is possible that some consumers have never tasted 100% pure virgin cold pressed oil in their lives even though they have been buying products labelled that way. Then how will one find a quality pure wooden cold pressed oil?
The answer is simple look out for brands that stand for environmental sustainability and uses local food culture and heritage in branding, you will able to find the good stuff by their taste and aroma through a blind test. Look for respected stamps of approval, go by location certain places are good bets for great first grade seeds and nuts, look for NON GMO seed produce and Good Manufacturing Practices.
Buy virgin and wooden cold pressed oil that comes in dark eco-friendly tin containers. wooden cold pressed oil might degrade in light and heat, so don’t buy oils packed in plastic bags or transparent containers sitting near the window or sun, opt instead for dark tin cans where the oil will be better protected from degradation by light and allergens, the end product thereby must be qualitative with nutrient intact making it ideal for cooking and long term health benefits. one such brand you can put your trust is Chekko wooden cold pressed oil.

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