Chekko Oils – A Story of Our Values

Chekko Oils – A Story of Our Values

Chekko Oils

Businesses across the world irrespective of their domain, functions or industry have always faced some critical decision cross roads. Now, the thought process behind those decisions defines the way the organization has been built. This is a story of how we, Chekko Oils, chose to do the ‘Right’ thing and not the ‘Quick’ thing

Agamahil Natural, our organization’s logo has two parts, the nomenclature and the one most essential value that we describe in three words “Business with Ethics“.

Ethics, a lot of time has been defined as a gray area anchored by the magnitude of dilemma at each ends of the junction. For us, we prefer being black and white.

Let us now share 3 short stories of our initial days where we exactly knew which path to walk on, that has shaped our products and our policies towards all of our stakeholders. We shall find that throughout all our decision making, our core value of ethics always came to the forefront with two simple questions, first, “is this path ethical?” & second “are we honest to our stakeholders?

Packaging, In 2015, when we launched Chekko Oil, we tried to bring in the packaging material that’s reusable and more importantly sustainable. We decided to introduce a small size tin packaged oil when the industry standard was using plastic packaging. The toughest part was finding a suitable packaging partner who would agree to bring change in the edible oil industry. Here we put environment before human consumption and convenience.

A cold pressed method for extraction, In the edible oil industry, the cold pressed method took a backseat primarily due to its lower yield. Our primary motivation was to keep the traditional way of extraction alive with modern machines. A refined or a hot pressed one, generally has a much higher yield reducing the overall cost significantly. But the heat generated and the chemical processes involved during the process led us to choose our consumers’ health over cost.

Being transparent, While inside the industry for a considerable period of time, we being a producer of pure virgin oil received some recommendations to cash out in the name of being Organic. But we stick to what we say. Our products, Chekko Oils is not organic, but when we say we are Pure and Natural, we truly mean it. Here we chose truth over profit margin.

Last but not the least, it’s the tale of Humility.

Each brand needs to be established, to be nurtured and then take a permanent place in the hearts of people. In those initial years, the founders worked as the CEO, as the directors, as the delivery persons, as the manufacturing workers, as the packers and most importantly, as the awareness generators of cold pressed oils. This humble to the ground DNA has been passed on to every employee working in this organization. We are proud to bear this trait that was gifted to us as a part of Chekko Oils’ heredity.    

These are few of our initial decisions that formed the founding pillars to where we stand today. We don’t mind walking the harder path to be naked honest. We don’t mind going an extra mile to be sustainable to the environment. We believe in ethics. We are Agamahil.

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