3 Unique Traits Of Cold Pressed Groundnut Oil That Proves They Are Better Than Regular Refined Oils. Chekko, June 10, 2021

3 Unique Traits Of Cold Pressed Groundnut Oil That Proves They Are Better Than Regular Refined Oils. Chekko, June 10, 2021

Heena Pathan

Groundnuts are the most substantial snack, a good source of protein and fibre. Consumed in entirely different forms, Groundnut oil, also known as Arachi oil or peanut oil, extraction requires a traditional process known as the wooden Cold pressed method, that our ancestors have used for the past 3500 years.  

Chekko Wooden Cold Pressed Groundnut oil extracted with high-quality non-GMO groundnuts, which is a fundamental delightful ingredient that has been in use throughout the world, mainly in Asian regions, South America and Africa.

Unrefined Wooden Cold Pressed Characteristics 

Unrefined wooden Cold pressed groundnut oil has a smoke point of 320◦F/160◦ , and it is a flavouring for dishes, similar to sesame oil. Wooden Cold pressed unrefined groundnut oils are free from hexane which EPA identifies as a neurotoxin; a petroleum by-product used to maximize the separation of oil from the solids of peanuts.

Wooden Cold Pressed Oils are extracted in a Traditional Method that retains all the nutritional properties..

Wooden Cold Pressed Peanut Oil Vs Refined Oils

Pure, authentic wooden Cold pressed groundnut oil will have a deep yellow colour with a pleasant nutty aroma and a sweet taste. It is a Stable cooking oil with the most extended shelf life, an ideal choice for deep frying resulting in lower oil retention in the fried foods.

Refined groundnut oil features light yellow colour and a neutral taste. However, refining makes it virtually drained of impurities and allergens. Moreover, the free radicals created when refined groundnut oil becomes oxidized can cause damage to the body. This damage may even lead to premature ageing, certain cancers and heart diseases. Hence wooden Cold pressed oils are the intelligent choice to cook healthy foods that will add life to your years.

3 Unique Traits That Proves Cold Pressed Groundnut Oil Are Better Than Unrefined Oils

High Smoking Point

The smoke point of an oil is the temperature at which it stops shimmering and starts smoking. The smoke point also called the burning point of the oil, can range from relatively low 325F to very high 520F. Smoking is a sign that your oil is breaking down. 

When oils break down, they can release chemicals into the food and give an undesirable burnt or bitter flavour; the free radicals released, can also harm the body. So before choosing an oil, make sure that its smoke point can handle the cooking method you plan to use.

Cold Pressed Groundnut Oil can be used for cooking all kinds of delicacies without breaking down..

Since wooden Cold pressed groundnut oil has a high smoking point, we can use it to deep fry a variety of food items, especially in Indian and Chinese cuisines. The formation of harmful substances occurs only beyond the smoking point to which Cold pressed oil takes a long time to reach. As a result, it can withstand high temperatures without burning. They also impart a natural and distinct flavour that makes the foods tastier and makes you feel healthier.


Wooden Cold pressed groundnut oil is also reusable. You can filter it and use it several times. In addition, its clean taste and high smoking point making it resistant against spoiling early and easier to save and reuse. 

Overheating oil during cooking increases the likelihood of early spoiling, but wooden Cold pressed groundnut oil has an apt smoking point. This is because it overheats less quickly than other common refined cooking oils and enables us to reuse unrefined groundnut oil several times within the storage period.

TIP: Store the oil in an airtight container in a cool, dark place, preferably refrigerated. But first, remove food particles from the oil after frying, filter it store it properly and sterilize it before each additional use by allowing it to reach 350 degrees Celsius before adding the food or ingredients.

Less Oil Requirement

Since wooden Cold pressed oil is filtered manually in perfect sunlight, it is viscous and fully retains the natural flavour, enhancing your favourite recipe. Thus less oil is required as compared to industrially processed refined oils. Frying temperature and the smoking point is a limiting factor in oil absorption in your foods. The right temperature varies according to the type of food. The lower the temperature, the less oil absorption and the more crispiness you get. 

Choose Cold Pressed Groundnut Oils for a Healthier Body, Mind and Soul!

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